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Aram Manoukian

Since childhood, Aram Manoukian has been fascinated and drawn to the arts.
His constant interaction with artists have made him aware of the hardships
artists encounter in promoting their craft. He was moved by this early
experience to dream of ways to help artists, at the same time be gratified
by being involved in the field of art and sculpture.
This passion was realized when Aram opened Revo Art and Jazz Café in
Glendale, California. The facility featured daily art exhibits of various
artists from different ethnic backgrounds . Contemporary and mainstream
jazz musicians provided the background music where people from all walks
of society come to appreciate the beauty of art in a serene and
comfortable surrounding.
True to its purpose, Revo Art and Jazz Café has not benefited financially
from this worthwhile endeavor. Every single income derived was funneled
back to orphanages and to the less fortunate of society. Revo Art and Jazz
Café has contributed significantly to the Red Cross, various home
shelters, and victims of Hurricane Katrina. Revo Art and Jazz Café has
also conducted free art classes for kids to instill in our youth early art